NBA 2K21 My Career EP 7 - 7 Splashes 42 Points!

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Looptijd: 11:16


Eliasn. - 8 dagen geleden
Mike - 17 dagen geleden
How was u higher stock than me and I had 40 and 15 assist 😂
Camden Boeninger 2029
Camden Boeninger 2029 - 26 dagen geleden
The splash quoter ahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa😂😂
Dont Me
Dont Me - 27 dagen geleden
Red Rhymes with Ted, so Red Thompson is a traitor lol
ProdigyGamingHD - Maand geleden
Man i'm really enjoying these vids!
Demon Samurai
Demon Samurai - Maand geleden
Denis Jazz
Denis Jazz - Maand geleden
Chris are you playing on Hall of fame?
Denis Jazz
Denis Jazz - Maand geleden
I love his commentary
DoK. Hash
DoK. Hash - Maand geleden
Damn do y’all got chicken Baq Baqs?
Ant R
Ant R - Maand geleden
Red a real one 😂 💪🏾
BeanTown Champs
BeanTown Champs - Maand geleden
I don't think I ever heard the splash song so many times in one Chris Smoove video before
Trever Cook
Trever Cook - Maand geleden
I’m glad try some West Virginia in there that’s where I’m from and live
Kian Smith
Kian Smith - Maand geleden
They bumming Zion way 2 muchh
Junior gameing Leungwai
Junior gameing Leungwai - Maand geleden
Alex Williams: "His name rhymes with ted". Me: Is it red Junior's teamate?🤔
Michael Auberry
Michael Auberry - Maand geleden
Are we not going to mention how Smoove outscored a whole team by himself?
Daniel Berri
Daniel Berri - Maand geleden
菜虚鲲篮球大史 - Maand geleden
Damn he hooping in those why not zer0.3
Pika250 - Maand geleden
"One man can be a crucial ingredient to a team. But one man cannot make a team." Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Words very well said
Om Desai
Om Desai - Maand geleden
When 2K gives you a actual relationship in my career
Nathan St Fleur
Nathan St Fleur - Maand geleden
Eyrthon Cottereau
Eyrthon Cottereau - Maand geleden
Oh a spectacular smoove by Chris move
Obito xshinobi
Obito xshinobi - Maand geleden
C.J. - Maand geleden
Smoove hits 7 3's in a game -
Rockets: You have our attention.
Andrew S
Andrew S - Maand geleden
6 feet
Vivek Singh
Vivek Singh - Maand geleden
Yo what's the bgm at 4:51 ?
Ariel Quiroz sanchez
Ariel Quiroz sanchez - Maand geleden
are you shooting with the stick or square button?
Prince Aguilar
Prince Aguilar - Maand geleden
I think square button is better I use it everytime
Michael Nderitu
Michael Nderitu - Maand geleden
Daaoooootown 😂😂😂
Evan Branch
Evan Branch - Maand geleden
How do u make jumpers I can’t make shots
Prince Aguilar
Prince Aguilar - Maand geleden
Just increase your stats
Βαγγέλης Πολυζώης
Please somebody tell what's the name of the instrumental by the time the team is on the bus at the end... Please
Cliffton Garcia
Cliffton Garcia - Maand geleden
Better to shoot with button?
HoThOus3 Jo3Y
HoThOus3 Jo3Y - Maand geleden
Once again you better 😘 be on Hall of fame Chris Smoove. Splash!!!! That difficulty lmao 😂
JOOK US PRO - Maand geleden
TAPKING13 - Maand geleden
TylerFn - Maand geleden
imagine getting 100 points in a college game wonder what will happen...
Henry Story
Henry Story - Maand geleden
Does anyone know what camera settings he uses in the game?
Prince Aguilar
Prince Aguilar - Maand geleden
B U - Maand geleden
Huh. Damn. More episodes of Smoove domination
Mac Dee
Mac Dee - Maand geleden
How you change the camera angle
Mac Dee
Mac Dee - Maand geleden
Prince Aguilar I found out you can’t in the prelude
Prince Aguilar
Prince Aguilar - Maand geleden
Cayden Barrison
Cayden Barrison - Maand geleden
Is it just me or could you narrator every smoove video ever with a track of his most common phrases 😂
Tha_SilverBlack_16 - Maand geleden
Baseline 🧀
Simon Cantley
Simon Cantley - Maand geleden
1600 Nero
1600 Nero - Maand geleden
Change yo jumper PG jumper ugly on 2K
jedijore - Maand geleden
For the streets!
Barron Davis
Barron Davis - Maand geleden
Smoove to the heat make it happen
Almighty Quise
Almighty Quise - Maand geleden
Beat at 4:33
Dany Sheply
Dany Sheply - Maand geleden
OG smoove fans remember the disrespect to rondo on nba 2k11😭😭😭
TheOnlyHeem - Maand geleden
Smoove cheesin😂
TyJamar - Maand geleden
Smoove bout to be the #1 pick.
Kwamez Waye
Kwamez Waye - Maand geleden
Splashing on and off court 🔥🔥😂
Lorvd Quéso_thegreat
Lorvd Quéso_thegreat - Maand geleden
2K really doesn’t want your my career player to have a relationship; they always breaking us up 😖😣
Lord Koo
Lord Koo - Maand geleden
They really put Zion and Anthony Davis in the same sentence 🤦🏾‍♂️
Kcertified - Maand geleden
Where can I find the beat at 5:00🔥
Zack Martin
Zack Martin - Maand geleden
Ok 3s seem to be working for you can you explain how the shot meter works Bc I can’t make 3s. Well im MyTeam at least 😂
Josef Lindblad
Josef Lindblad - Maand geleden
How do i change my camera angle in myplayer????
E Dotty TV
E Dotty TV - Maand geleden
Big homie Chris 💯
zay ballin
zay ballin - Maand geleden
Full white God
Javonte Foster
Javonte Foster - Maand geleden
Smoove is different different holy hell
Daniel Sharpe
Daniel Sharpe - Maand geleden
Ohhh sppppllllaaaassshhhhhhhhhhhh
EPIC Eric - Maand geleden
chris smoove brought out all of the sounds
Jugo Jugo
Jugo Jugo - Maand geleden
"Uuuhh got him he's over there" 😂😂😂
Robert Harris
Robert Harris - Maand geleden
lolernater JAKE
lolernater JAKE - Maand geleden
Plays on easy mode gets gassed
Capital Black
Capital Black - Maand geleden
hes not playing on easy is he
Micheal Grady
Micheal Grady - Maand geleden
What jumpshot are you using Chris you making greens forever
Jim Bradshaw
Jim Bradshaw - Maand geleden
Smoove: 42 points in college game.
Me: 42 points in first career game.
Mikkel Taylor
Mikkel Taylor - Maand geleden
*42 points in 10 games
SANDRA Mccullough
SANDRA Mccullough - Maand geleden
9:34 did he push her out the way
Dante Wils
Dante Wils - Maand geleden
Maybe a stupid question but, how can i change the camera angle in my career mode 😂
Đăng Khương Nguyễn
Đăng Khương Nguyễn - Maand geleden
I'm saying that Chris Smoove is going to the Nets
Jovanni Ralph
Jovanni Ralph - Maand geleden
Smoove makes shooting look so easy
Clemente Perry
Clemente Perry - Maand geleden
Damn they couldn’t even change the running animation..
Sabahaddin Zaim
Sabahaddin Zaim - Maand geleden
I never liked that girl. I think she looks ugly.
Capital Black
Capital Black - Maand geleden
which girl the reporter or the girlftiend
TheLuckySavage 123
TheLuckySavage 123 - Maand geleden
Chris Smoove with the Paul George Jumpshot
Walt Thomas
Walt Thomas - Maand geleden
I miss the days when we used actually build our player, not BUY.
Chris Allen
Chris Allen - Maand geleden
Mr Splash man..... “in real life”
aKaKarlo 21
aKaKarlo 21 - Maand geleden
Why green even exist when every white goes in
SCUMMY 420 - Maand geleden
10:15 fellas 👌
John Pitogyro
John Pitogyro - Maand geleden
Dont go to the best team again please
Miecyzslaw Stilinski
Miecyzslaw Stilinski - Maand geleden
Look at them lights 😂😂 wtf
Gagi Gago
Gagi Gago - Maand geleden
Luc Wijngaard
Luc Wijngaard - Maand geleden
I'm glad they got high school and college back! 2K20 also had a draft but I was kindoff done with being Undrafted!
Kellen Moon
Kellen Moon - Maand geleden
Martha Ntumba
Martha Ntumba - Maand geleden
Chris Smoove thinking he Marv Albert
Derick Masai
Derick Masai - Maand geleden
6:11 Smoove: Why you bully me...
BOLER - Maand geleden
Damn, look at smoove man. So inspiring.
Zach Jose
Zach Jose - Maand geleden
So the girlfriend and the reporter aren’t the same person
Capital Black
Capital Black - Maand geleden
they look alike dont they
Aybai - Maand geleden
Alex is hella annoying man.
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf - Maand geleden
Love one another as I have loved you Jesus said. John 8:32
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Amare Franklin
Amare Franklin - Maand geleden
what ever happend to thats bs thats bs in 2k17
Amare Franklin
Amare Franklin - Maand geleden
2k21 rerun of 2k16 and 17 in my cararer
Amadou Ndiaye
Amadou Ndiaye - Maand geleden
42 points in college? Very Smoove move. I think the girl is gonna break up with your player
Devin Nedd
Devin Nedd - Maand geleden
Chris smoove might be the next Stephen curry
Brion SoG
Brion SoG - Maand geleden
after a whole season without it. Smoove brought back his patented splaaaaashhhhh mix.
A Forth
A Forth - Maand geleden
IpodKingCarter's Villanova vs. Chris Smoove's Florida what a match!
A Forth
A Forth - Maand geleden
Chris Smoove Is a NBA 2K Legend!
Adrian Hall
Adrian Hall - Maand geleden
Every time he miss a shot or steal he goes Ahhhhhhhhhh
IBRAHIM BANGURA - Maand geleden
Chris auto tune song "Splaaaaash" coming soon featuring T-pain
Nathanael Philippe
Nathanael Philippe - Maand geleden
0:25 the remix.
286mic - Maand geleden
Same game eh?
Rimon Mensur
Rimon Mensur - Maand geleden
Not that I been watching Chris since I was 10. I’m 21 now....
comply - Maand geleden
Look a smoove man so inspirational
Caleb 2K
Caleb 2K - Maand geleden
Alonzo | Hooperflash
Alonzo | Hooperflash - Maand geleden
Go to the Spurs Smoove, do it for the culture!